YOU’RE A TARGET! The minute you call about an ad or inquire about a home from the sign in front of a house, your life will have been changed. With each of the many, many new salespersons calling, your blood pressure and stress levels will rise. Your eyes will begin to glaze over and you’ll wonder just what you’ve gotten yourself into in this know-all high tech age of selling homes in San Diego.

You are embarking on one of the most important transactions of your life! It’s not just the dollars involved, it’s all the other ramifications with buying a new home. Will you have a happy spouse and children? Will you like the neighbors, the setting, the decorating and on, and on. Plus “THE UNCERTAINTIES”. What didn’t I ask or what don’t I know or what happens if…? Scary, huh?

It’s not just the dollars involved, it’s all the other ramifications with buying a new home.

Our job as a Buyer Broker is to act as your coach / mentor/ advocate. You are #1. We will leave no stone unturned in your behalf. No listings, or open houses or meetings or classes will get between us. When you do one thing, best to do it well and never stop improving.

If you’re like most Qualified Buyers, you’re still doing the click on pictures and call the salesperson. You learn that the pictures are about as accurate as your graduation photo and that all agents are not created equally.  And, you’re a target!


We’d love a 45-minute consultation to begin with, a meet and greet with no obligation or cost whatsoever. We’ll talk about you, mostly and touch on strategies and relationships. Then we will work on your strategies and finally, your properties. We’ve bought, sold, financed, appraised, securitized, borrowed, loaned, constructed, flipped and subdivided properties all over San Diego County. We know San Diego well!

First about you; then about us; then about strategies and FINALLY about properties. A PROCESS that works!

We’d rather do it sooner than later so that when you choose someone to help you’ll know why! Hopefully, us. WE WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN!

Maybe you’d like to get to know us a little better. There are two pages on this site. One is for you to create a search and arrange a showing. We’ll set an appointment for you. We request that the Listing Agent be there to sell the property to you. That’s Not Our Job.  The Agent for that area will send you their biography/resume so you’ll know something about them. Thereafter, they will continue working with you and seek a consultation.

The other page is for properties that have motivated sellers. Same procedure, find possible properties and schedule a showing.

So, all the properties, all the strategies, experienced friendly agents, a coach/mentor/advocate relationship, no pressure and continuing loyalty. I THINK WE COVERED IT ALL!

CAUTION! – We speak our mind and are all about straight talk. AND, WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE.

We only know one way of doing things – the right way. We will not deviate.

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